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By Abeer Mustafa   
Friday, 24 August 2007
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Repression, Rebellion, Reflection
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What was most surprising about the recent round of violent events in Bangladesh was the rapid pace by which quarrels became processions, protests became revolts, and frustration became rage.

From protest to revolt

How can something that began with accidentally blocking someone’s view of a football match escalate so quickly into anti-establishment riots, claiming two lives and hundreds of injuries across the country? What’s going on here?

Rebellion is by nature risky and counter-intuitive. One can easily endanger one’s life. A state of emergency makes it even more risky to speak out. The government’s punishment can be swift and ruthless, as thousands of students, journalists, teachers, hawkers, and politicians have found out over the last months. Even Sheikh Hasina got jailed because she was being vocal.

Rioters burn tyres on a street in Mirpur. Photo by E-Bangladesh
So it must have taken a good deal of pent-up anger for people to raise their fists in front of black-clad policemen and armored vans, especially at a time when the state has suspended the fundamental right to protest.

Not only did these students riot in different parts of Bangladesh, they came to be supported by locals, hawkers, rice-sellers, small businessmen, bostibashi—basically, the under-classes. Teachers got involved as well. The flames spread to at least a dozen cities, and threatened more.

Their demands also quickly escalated. What began as a cry to withdraw an army camp inside Dhaka University became a clarion call to restore democracy, continuing even after the government sincerely announced that they would remove the camp. In between the unruly mob burnt everything from effigies to trucks. If these events had not moved so fast, the government would not have declared a curfew, closed all universities, and imposed censorship.

The driving force

The authorities may treat this as a pre-planned event. But the reality is much simpler. Nearly everything about this, from the blocking of the view in the football stands to the rioting in Rajshahi, was a fit of spontaneous frenzy. Events like these are difficult to be controlled closely by politicians.

What brought people together is also simpler. It was not an ‘evil force’ guiding their behaviour, unless the word ‘evil’ means people’s desire to be able to afford food, not to be evicted on whim and without warning, not to be arrested without showing reason and treated guilty unless proven innocent, not to be labeled readily as corrupt plotters or scheming hoarders or blackmailing bankers or thugs in the guise of students.

What was driving this is clear. Rebels are usually straightforward about what they want, because a rebellion is a way to publicise demands. What got the rebellion to expand was really a longing for democracy.

Why desire democracy?

This is something the caretaker government (CTG) will be well-advised to take very seriously. It should ask whether it is wise to wait another 15 months before holding national elections.

Optimism had rightfully greeted the CTG when it was inducted in January. Devious political games and schemes began in Dhaka, but around the country people had a much simpler and more innocent hope: finally, now, free and fair elections would be held. That hope has turned into demand.

CTG is absolutely right about the poison of corruption in our society. But when the generals say that democracy has not worked in Bangladesh, what they show is how removed they are from what the people want. As one street vendor said in a BBC interview: “They are killing us to keep themselves in power. They think the public are idiots. But we are not idiots. They have come to organise elections, so they should just hold elections and leave.”

So after such gross misrule during 2001-2006, why would ordinary people still prefer elections and democracy? Again, the reason is simple: Democracy gives them at least some access to decision makers, some security that if a bunch of them got together and demanded something, it might be heard.

Right now they have no access and no security. They are at the receiving end of the government’s sharp stick, and they're hurting politically and economically. But CTG is responding with even more repression. After imposing a curfew, cutting off cell-phones and international lines (and blaming it on sabotage), cordoning off the campus, beating whomever they could find, and arresting an unknown number of students, it has now filed cases against 42,000 people!

It would be a mistake for the CTG to think that because the sophisticated urban ‘civil society’ supported its selective anti-corruption drive and its IMF-kissing economic agenda, it has similar overwhelming support all over the country. Alas, the Dhaka-based high society is nothing but an insignificant drop in an electorate of seventy to eighty million.

The right strategy for the government is to listen to, talk to, and treat these millions respectfully, de-politicize and humanize its actions, and accelerate the schedule for national elections. State power, which according to the Constitution clearly belongs to the people, needs to be returned to its lawful owner at the earliest.

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1. 25-08-2007 20:39
good article. the ctg should stop thinking that they are above the law and that their power is absolute for the sake country and democracy.
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2. 25-08-2007 23:47
dont know what ctg will do. looks like they're trying to arrest 82000 people. are they crazy? and du teachers they took in remand were tortured, their sons are saying. this just cant go on like this.
3. 26-08-2007 00:05
Good article, the CTG has made many mistakes, no question. But the only people who want democracy now are AL/BNP who made billions of dollars in last 16 years and like to spend some of it to create anarchy to go back to the looting days if they could. But unfortunately those days are gone.
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4. 26-08-2007 10:48
khilji, who can win elections besides bnp/al? maybe now bnp/al wont be as corrupt like before. jamat is the only alternative.
5. 26-08-2007 14:34
I think Arafat has hit the point. Really all this will only strengthen Jamat. And Jamat is quietly enjoying the secular university fight with the pro-Jamat army. When election comes, CTG will say don't vote for BNP/AL, like they've been saying, and Jamat will get benefit
Purana Paltan
6. 26-08-2007 14:39
I enjoyed reading the "The Driving Force" part. 
Great article.
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7. 26-08-2007 15:27
Beautifully written, great piece here Abeer. I dont feel optimistic though. You say what's driving people is wish for democracy. What is driving CTG? Initially we thought they had a clear agenda, but they were no less political than any previous CTG. Why is Khaleda out and about, who oversaw such looting of the country, and Hasina is jail, whose administration was actually much better. Why has there been no case filed against Tarek yet? He should have been the priority. Why is Koko out while they're filing cases against Sk. Rehana? Why are they taking teachers in jail while they have corrupt bureaucrats still around? This CTG cannot be trusted. It's run by some army agenda and it does not look like an agenda that will help the cause of democracy. Instead it will continue the mutual hatred and vengeance that our country has experienced since 1971. Sorry for the outburst but I really don't feel optimistic
8. 27-08-2007 13:17
Arafat and Purana Paltan, I am not a Jamati, I am very much against Moududi's Islamist ideas. But this situation is created by AL/BNP with their immature and short-sighted leadership. Jamat might get benefit but not so much, Bangladeshi public are not religious fanatics. I think its possible to bring in honest new faces and salvage honest politicians from AL/BNP and other parties, if there are any, because that is probably a rare breed, not just in AL/BNP but the entire political scene, as politics was run like a business. Buy votes for 100 Tk or one days salary for each vote plus cost of Tea and snacks and then after getting elected make 10-100 times the amount invested from kickbacks, contracts, chanda and various other "democratic" means. This is our version of democracy. We need a change from this version to a newer version where politicians work for people for their benefit and truly serve them and money or muscle do not affect election results. If the money making aspect of politics can be stopped, only then we will be able to stop attracting the money-seekers in politics and get some genuine and honest people who will serve the people and make right policies for the benefit of people. In changing the political culture and its evolution, I see no alternative to the guardian role of the army, like it or not, this is the only practical and pragmatic way out, if you want true democracy that can be beneficial to people, as opposed to a sick system that is democracy by name only.
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9. 27-08-2007 13:50
Well written article with logical reasonings without finiding "conspiracy" theories govt would like people to believe. 
One sad trend that is becoming so common that we started beliving in now is "AL-BNP are all the same" -- if we carefully look at the history, they were never the same. Frustration with what has been happening for long time forcign us to believe in that while certain political perties have reasons to keep that propaganda going. We should ask ourselves one question :if AL did not take the hard line as they did, would we even imagine the extent of corruption (financially, adminitrative-wise, politically) that has been going on for lat 5 years? I agree that does neither make AL a saint nor does it clear them of any of the wrongdoings they have done over the years. But there are millions of people who almost believed AL did the grenade attack on themselves, or AL was behind the killing of SM Kibria.
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10. 27-08-2007 17:59
Khilji (#8), If army has a guardian role (i.e., it is more equal than others), then how can it be democracy. It will basically be army rule with some semi-functional democratic institutions, like parliament under Zia or Ershad.
Maf Koira Den
11. 27-08-2007 18:50
Maf Koira Den, did we not just experience democracy for the last 16 years, why are we in this situation today, why did 1/11 had to happen, please think about it. 
The original is here: 
(The following is my own translation, please feel free to point out any errors) 
Amar Desh (My Country, a daily newspaper in Bengali language) 
First page 
The incident at Dhaka University according to information obtained from police questioning 
Staff Reporter 08/25/2007 
An attempt was made to unseat the current govt. using the incident at Dhaka University. A situation of confrontation was created between the public and the armed forces to achieve political goals. It was revealed from questioning that the people involved in the incident that occurred in Dhaka University are from Dhaka University Professor Dr. Anwar Hussain, Professor Dr. Harun ar Rashid, Professor Mijanur Rahman and from Rajshahi University Professor Moloy Kumar Bhaumik, Professor Saidur Rahman Khan, DU Lecturer Muntasir Mamun, DU student Syed, Srabon, former VC Professor A. K. Azad Chowdhury, CSB News owner Fazlul Qader Chowdhury, (BNP’s Salahuddin Qader Chowdhury’s son), Ekushey TV’s (ETV) Abdus Salam, Rangs Group owner Rauf Chowdhury, Muqaddem Hussain, Dr. Saiful Islam, Dr. Sadrul, Dr. Hussain Masud, National Bank’s chairperson Parvin Haque Shikder, Chhatra League’s former chairman Enamul Haque Shamim, Chhatra League’s leader Ashfaqur Rahman, DU Chhatra Dal’s chairman Hassan Mamun. 
The concerned authorities informed that on August 20, Dr. Anwar Hussain sent DU student Syed and Srabon to the play ground to create trouble in a planned manner. Per plan a situation was created with a member of the Armed forces to trigger the unrest. On 22 August, when a government order was issued to vacate DU halls, Dr. Anwar Hussain used mega phones to urge the students to stay in the halls. About one month back, Professor Dr. Anowar and few of his associates met with a certain official of Indian High Commission (Embassy) in various places in Gulshan and discussed various plans about politics in current political context. To organize this incident, DU former VC A. K. Azad Chowdhury gave his encouragement and cooperation to Dr. Anwar. They asked for help from CSB News owner Fazlul Qader Chowdhury and ETV’s Abdus Salam at various times to distribute negative news against the current govt. Dr. Anwar also met with BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) VC to ask for help to organize incidents against this govt. Upon questioning it was revealed that Professor Dr. Anwar was the commander for Dhaka City part of Gono Bahini (People’s Army) during 1974-1976 and was involved in various kinds of anarchist activity. He was specially trained for urban guerilla war fare and mine handling. In 1976, he was the chief planner for the kidnapping of Samar Sen of Indian High Commission (Embassy). He and his associates took initiatives for creating a favorable situation for AL in the upcoming election in last February. If that plan was not successful, then it was planned to take Bangladesh further towards a failed state. Since the Armed forces are the last hope for Bangladesh to remain a viable state, they were engaged in plans and efforts to make the Armed forces controversial, look bad in the eye of public and to create situation of confrontations between the Armed forces and the general public. 
Professor Harun’s son Ishtiaq Rashid is a student at DU and daughter is a student at BRAC University. Dr. Anwar’s son Sanjeeb is a student at BRAC University. Most of their sons and daughters are studying at other private universities and they made sure that their sons and daughters are in no way involved with these incidents. It was also found out that Dr. Harun Bhuiyan earned a good amount by illegally enrolling students and took money to give First Class to 36 students of his faculty. Dr. Anwar Hussain is an influential leader of the Blue Party (an AL supported faction of DU teachers?). 
Dr. Anwar Hussain used his influence to get an appointment for his wife as the Vice Principal of Home Economics College. As a Professor of the Department of Biochemistry and Genetics, he was able to accomplish this. But his wife was not qualified to get this position. She was not even eligible to get a lower position called “Provashak” (I cannot translate this one, provost?). Because to get that lower post one had to have at least 2nd Class with Honors and 2nd Class in Masters or in Pass Course one had to have a 1st Class in Masters. Since Dr. Anowar was associated with AL, he was able to use his political influence to accomplish this, it has been alleged.
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12. 28-08-2007 02:48
from the beginning our veterian journalists were trying to guide the CTG. 
But whoi hears and cares? thier advice were going to deaf ear. 
So am very anxious of our country due as this CTG is going to bring more problems for us in near future.
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13. 28-08-2007 08:15
Khilji, The article you translated from Amar Desh appeared first in Amader Shomoy, a DGFI newspaper. The media has been instructed to publish it, and Amar Desh and 3 other I blieve published it.  
It's not an independent news report. It's done by the army to save face and to discredit people it's after. So I would not give it much attention and credibility.  
To see why, read this BBC piece instead: 
Maf Koira Den
14. 28-08-2007 15:16
I'm really worried about the 5 professors this gov't is torturing. The govt lied to their family saying they'll be back soon and they're in remand. This is how CTG is thinking they're going to earn people's respect? Or they just think they have guns and that's all they need? Everyone's saying they're making mistakes after mistakes and theyre still not learning at all. Do they read newspapers? Do they listen? No university student or professor will support them now. How come one by one they're destroying their own support? What is their real plan? There's something fishy going on
15. 28-08-2007 18:23
i don't know Meenikat, some DU profs cant be trusted. but that amar desh thing sounds def. written "for" the media not "by" the media. it sounds like a report written to assassinate character. there's no source mentioned like any good journalist would. i supported the ctg at first but i really think their motives have gone too much out of line. something's gotta change. and i also dont wanna go back to bnp al days. although we didnt live in that much fear as we live in now. i read in iran they're cutting people's hair saying long hair is westernized. army in bangladesh doing the same thing. their priorities are all over the place now
16. 29-08-2007 11:30
Mainul and Moeen are contradicting each other. Probably they want to give responsibility for the disaster to each other. Moeen saying "caretaker" is in charge, so it means caretaker govt is responsible for all problems. Mainul saying army in charge, so saying army is responsible for all repression. We are not responsible.
Ekram Hasan
17. 03-09-2007 01:39
This proposal might make unhappy for the both sides of the people. Supporters of CTG will say, I am not tough enough to reduce corruption from Bangladesh and am giving a passage for the corrupt people. On the other hand, other people will say I am not helping them either. But I believe that this is the best option we have as far as I am concern. This is the middle ground for the unity call. We have corruption cancer for last 36 years; it will be tough to clean the cancer one time because body will die if we try to hard. So we need to be careful and build the strategies in various phases and continue the fight by the future Govt. Let’s build the institute so corrupt people can not come to the power in Bangladesh. 
Forgive them one time and take all their wealth and properties and put into the Bangladesh budget and let those corrupted people live as ordinary people in Bangladesh. Build strong detective branch, so those amnesty people can not be involved in conspiracy in Bangladesh again. 
Proposal Initiator:  
This proposal has initiated by M. M. Chowdhury (Mithu) on the behalf of Change Bangladesh Organization, USA  
What is Change Bangladesh Organization? 
Change Bangladesh Organization (CBd) is a non-profit and non-political organization based in USA. The goal of CBd is to change Bangladesh for better in the field of social, education, technologies, and economical development areas. CBd also promote young generation leadership to take the lead of Bangladesh in future. 
How is the idea of this proposal evolved? 
I have done multiple researches about Bangladesh and its present political and economical situation. I have seen that there is distrust between political parties and CTG about corruption drive and where the country is heading too. As most of you know that when USA removed Saddam Hossain from the power, they have removed the Baath party members from all armed forces, any job or institutions in Iraq which is called debaathication. I believe they have made a mistake by doing that without any reconciliation initiative. After few years, USA tried to do reconciliation initiative but they have failed. Jury still out there, but I think that they made a huge mistake not doing a national reconciliation initiative to include Baath party members in the Govt. They did not do that initiative for multiple reasons but that for another part of the discussion. I am not comparing Bangladesh to Iraq, but I am comparing the substance of it. We need to bring the trust of the people in Bangladesh Govt to be successful both politically and economically and this proposal will lead to that end goal. This proposal is not soft on crime and was developed without any consultation with any political parties or Current Takecare Govt (CTG). This proposal does not support corruption. This is purely my idea and I want to see good from this proposal. I am not related to any political parties or CTG in Bangladesh. 
Why do we need Amnesty in Bangladesh now? 
Corruption is a cancer for Bangladesh and it is happening for the last 36 years. Current corruption drive is good for Bangladesh but it has some consequences. At least 90% of politicians, 35% businessmen, and 50% Amla are corrupt. We can argue about small or big corruption. If I have put the figure in number, I personally think at least 10 million people in Bangladesh are corrupt range from small to big. I do not think that we can round up all these people, put in the courts, get justice and keep in the jail for the next 3-30 years. Bangladesh Govt does not have the resources, money or facilities to continue this corruption drive and this is not feasible. I also like to point out that CTG advisor Mr. Matin has mentioned recently that current corruption drive has to continue by the next Govt to remove corruption from the country. We need a good faith reconciliation initiative- General Amnesty 2007. 
Who will not be covered in this amnesty? 
Who are murders, who have existing cases, who are already guilty by the courts will not be covered under this amnesty. 
What is the procedure of this amnesty? 
This amnesty will be divided in three phases: 
Phase I – Politicians including grass root level. 
Phase II – Business people 
Phase III – Amla and rest of the country people. 
Phase I will cover during September 1- October 30, 2007 
Phase II will cover during November 1 – December 30, 2007 
Phase II will cover during January 1 – February 28, 2008 
How will Bangladesh gain from this amnesty? 
I am hoping that Bangladesh Govt will cover the current budget deficit using the collected money from the local and foreign countries which was deposited by the corrupt personnel. I also believe that corrupt person will help to bring his/her corrupt money from foreign banks as good faith by this Amnesty. It is very tough to bring money from foreign banks unless individual cooperate. Recent reports indicated that not a penny was collected from the foreign countries bank yet. This initiative might help to reach that goal. I am projecting that at least TK 20,000 Crore can be collected from these corrupt individuals and deposit to Bangladesh Govt. This might be lesson for the future corrupt persons that money will be collected which was made illegal means and future punishment will be harsher. 
Is this amnesty feasible? 
CTG has to take multiple initiatives including creating independent body of institute to check and balance to make sure human rights is observed and respected, and no individuals is harassed during and after the amnesty. CTG will hire more resources to cope with this amnesty and procedures. 
Rule of Amnesty: 
1) CTG will circulate a memo Title “General Amnesty 2007” through media and all concern institutes in Bangladesh and abroad. This memo will mention the following items:  
a) Please surrender all your illegal earned including money, properties, business etc and pay the tax on untaxed money by August 29, 2007. You will not be jailed and be forgiven for your corruption. CTG will collect all your illegal wealth through proper procedures and deposit to Bangladesh Treasures.  
b) CTG will keep the corruption drive. 
c) CTG will complete the court procedures against all jailed individuals within 90 days. If any of the jailed individual comes forward and accepts his/his crime and apologies to the people of Bangladesh, CTG will forgive him/her and he/she will not be release from jail, but all his/her illegal wealth will be taken away. He/she will not be able to take nomination in the next general election. He/she will able to take nomination in future election if no further corruption/crime is committed by the individual. 
d) He/she will able to apply for jobs in any position in Govt, public, and private sectors. 
e) No harassment will be allowed for this pardoned individual after the amnesty/settlement.  
f) Amnesty individual name will not be in the list of corrupt persons. 
2) If corrupt individuals do not come forward to CTG by August 29, 2007, if he/she is caught and proved by the court for any corruption case, he/she will have minimum jail time of 10 years and all his/her wealth will be taken away. 
3) This amnesty is appropriate for everybody regardless of religion, parties, and business. 
Public Reaction on the Amnesty: 
For the Amnesty (62.5%):  
(summary) This amnesty will close the gap of distrust between political parties and CTG. This will help to elect new set of honest and educated MPs in the next general election. This amnesty will help interim CTG to focus on various critical issues rather than just corruption in Bangladesh (i.e. , conduct free and fair election by the end of 2008, controlling the essential prices, create skilled manpower, diverse export industries, develop investment oriented policies, reduce poverty, building infrastructures, educational reform, etc 
Against the Amnesty (22%):  
(summary) This amnesty will encourage corruption in future because they will let go after corruption. Corrupt people will be in power again maybe not immediately. This amnesty means soft on crime. This amnesty might keep the family politics in place. 
Don’t know what to say (15.5%):  
(summary) They said that they support anything that is good for the country. They like this initiative but curious about implementation process. 
Support Needed:  
Change Bangladesh Organization, USA needs your endorsement including NBRs, media, business leaders, and political parties in Bangladesh to encourage the CTG to adopt this plan.  
Mild Suggestion:  
The questions about if this CTG has constitutional authority to give the amnesty or not, and who I am to tell CTG to what to do in Bangladesh, this should be separate part of the discussion and I do not like to be part of it. 
M. M. Chowdhury (Mithu), Chemical Engineer, USA  
President & Founder, Amreteck LLC, USA  
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Director of Operation, Change Bangladesh Organization, USA(Portfolio: Foreign Investment, Economic Opportunity & Job Creation) 
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
18. 30-08-2007 11:20
yikes! what a huge comment. i have problems with a bunch of these proposals by "change bangladesh" (and please correct the typos and grammars before posting proposals like these :) but i think the idea of an amnesty + public confession is a good one. like south africa did. i dont know how many will trust if ctg says you wont be prosecuted if you confess to your sins, return the money and apologize. few people are willing to come forward to whiten their money with ctg's tax amnesty. but this type of initiative is good, otherwise bangladesh politics will just continue to be revenge and counter-revenge
19. 30-08-2007 23:27
MM Chowdhury (Mithu) Bhai, good proposal, I support its spirit to compromise and get things moving forward. 
But I would suggest some modifications in the proposal: 
1. It will be very difficult to get money back, I think instead of trying the impossible, it will be better if we create a safe, secure and lucrative investment environment where its easy to make money - in this way, the capital that has flown out may come back, more importantly global capital will also come in. 
2. Amnesty can be given for everyone, except for the cases where there is readily available evidence and for the politicians. We need to make sure that we prosecute all corrupt politicians (the leaders under whose watch corruption became an institution), because we need to stop them from coming back to power. 
3. We need to have a system where it will be easy to identify and remove MP's if they are found to engage in corruption, even if that MP is Minister or Prime Minister. For this I have proposed a National Security Council in DP: 
post #49 
We need to do everything to secure our future, the future should be our only focus - and we need to look at the past, only when it has the potential to affect our future, such as the case of prosecuting corrupt politicians who might want to come back to power to engage in further corruption.
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
20. 31-08-2007 02:54
The analysis by Abeer Mustafa is logical and consistent but during the last few days newspaper carried believable reports about a conspiracy. Not only the countrywide rampage, vandalism and looting was an organized effort, even the trifle incident of 20 August has been reported to be planned and choreographed. The newspapers of 31 August 2007 carry devastating reports about the role of Indian intelligence agency RAW and use of money in enacting the so called violent protests of 21 and 22 August. The reverend professors have also unconditionally apologized to the military. So the picture is now less murky. We want truth and no remarks based on speculation or blind support for a certain party. In view of the recent revelations, it seems that Abeer Mustafa has to replace his version with a genuine conspiracy theory.
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
21. 14-09-2009 19:11
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